Abandoned Arcade Photos By Thomas Schultz

Thanks to the 1984 Facebook Page I was directed to some hauntingly beautiful photography by Thomas Schultz from his Flickr page. He has a quite a few taken from an abandoned arcade in I assume Arizona if I’m reading his tags properly as well as photos from a forgotten cafe and schoolroom amongst the other 21,818 photos he has posted.

These pictures invoke a strong emotional response and I’ve looked through them for over a week now but just today I noticed the sign in the photo of the burnt Zaxxon arcade cabinet.

Image courtesy of Thomas Schultz

Games People Play is the first arcade that popped up in my neck of the woods, it didn’t last long at all because a Showbiz Pizza opened up the street but I was under the impression that G.P.P. was not a chain. Doing a little research shows that there used to be one a couple of hours from where I live but is now closed and nothing else pops up. So if you have any information about that please let me know and make sure to visit the link up top to see even more wonderful photography by Thomas Schultz.

Image courtesy of Thomas Schultz


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8 thoughts on “Abandoned Arcade Photos By Thomas Schultz

  1. Daniel Dacey says:

    Those machines need to be rescued and restored. There aren’t that many of them left around anymore.

  2. @tozefs That is an awesome find! Thank you for sharing it!! :)

    I hear you Daniel! Retroist, it may just be me…but doesn’t the way that Thomas has photographed the machines almost give them a ‘regal’ look? I’m probably not explaining that right…it’s almost like they are just waiting for someone to come and repair them…they haven’t given up hope on finding new players. ;)

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    These are some fine pictures, Vic.
    But yeah, kind of reminds me of those hauntingly epic abandoned theater pics you posted a few times – I’m drawn into their spell of rememberances of past happiness, while chagrined that the present has been redefined away from their usefulness.

    I mean, big, big theaters and cabinet-filled arcades aren’t common (though if I find any of these, I’ll be a regular customer for life).

    Funnily enough, the only place I find a troup of arcade cabinets nowadays is at one of the multiplexes around here.
    One has huge bowling array, a rollercoaster sim that I’m aching to try (was out of order the last time), and a new four-player Pac-Man game called Pac-Man:Battle Royale!!!

    But I’m all for that Kickstarter idea, Justin.
    Originals only.

    I wonder if the boards to these pictured relics still work?

  4. All right, Justin…you’ve got the ball rolling, my friend. Just set up the Kickstarter and tell us where we need to go and how much to donate! :)

    Atari Adventure Square, I’ve got something like a diary I’m working on that might interest you and the the rest of the Retroist readership. Let me see if I can’t get that posted tomorrow or possibly Monday. :)

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