The Glo Friends Save Christmas

For my next obscure holiday specials entry, I bring you the Glo Friends!

The Glo Friends were a line of toys spun off from the classic Glo Worm toy. They had their own cartoon series for a while, it aired as part of the My Little Pony show back in the 80s. This holiday special is based on that series.

This is a children’s holiday special, and a maerketing tool, so don’t go expecting much (any) depth. It is however a light hearted & enjoyable romp.

Blanche, the Wicked Witch of the North Pole imprisons Santa in a bid to make herself famous as the witch who destroyed Christmas. Fortunately the Glo Friends are there to save the day! They save the moose she had duped into helping her, then melt Santa out of his icy prison with a Care Bears Stare …er, I mean, a glowing circle and a sappy song. The evil witch gets an icy bath and all the little kiddies around the world get their presents, and Santa and the Glo Friends will return next year!

(Well…. maybe not…. The series wasn’t that successful, so the special was never repeated.)

Fortunately, there’s always Youtube. You can watch the first part here:


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2 thoughts on “The Glo Friends Save Christmas

  1. I love obscure holiday specials. I used to have a vhs tape full of them from the early 90s that I would watch every single Christmas. I wish I still knew where that tape was! The best part was seeing the old christmas commercials.

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