Big Jim Action Figure Toys

Big Jim was a line of action figure produced from 1972 through 1986 by Mattel. At 10 inches they were slightly smaller than the original GI Joe, but pretty much just as awesome. In this classic commercial we meet Big Jim’s buddy Big Josh who has his own Camper and gear. Talk about…action.


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2 thoughts on “Big Jim Action Figure Toys

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Big Jim’s Camper!
    This was a present I received as a wee square while sick.
    Pointed to its pic in a catalog when asked what would cheer me up and became a Big Jim fan from thereon.

    Not the sturdiest of action figure vehicle, but well accessorized.
    I was crazy about that camper.
    Stuffed my Big Jim collection in it for safekeeping.

    That talking backpack sure brings back memories.
    Wish I could pull a string in my head and recall its messages.

  2. Dudley88 says:

    I got the Big Jim camping set for Christmas ’73 (I was in kindergarten). But rather than a motor home, it came with a tent–which our kitten loved to go inside of) and a dune buggy that pulled a trailer with a boat on it. Big Jim and Big Josh were included. You could bend their elbows to make them flex their biceps. A button on Jim’s back would make his arm go up, then down so he could karate-chop a board. On Josh, the button would make him swing an axe that split a tree stump in half. It comprised which was, by far, my favorite present that year.
    I also remember having a Big Jim coloring book and lunch box.
    I can’t believe that I still remember this crap!

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