Can You Name this IBM Personal Computer?

We were moving some stuff out of an old basement at work and found this beauty. I don’t know enough about machines like this to date it. And the only branding I could find on the CPU and monitor just says “IBM Personal Computer.” The thing is amazingly heavy, with most of the weight coming from an enormous power supply with a huge, menacing red toggle switch that looks like a self-destruct mechanism. I must say, though, that my favorite feature is the keyboard. This miracle of over-engineering is, apart from the keys themselves, made from solid steel and weighs around five pounds. You could do some serious damage with that thing.

Any Retroist fans have any more details they can add regarding models/dates, etc.?


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6 thoughts on “Can You Name this IBM Personal Computer?

  1. That is an 5150. Maintained several large computer labs of those in the late 80’s.

    The keyboards on them were quite loud, but had a great feel to them.

    Main problems they would encounter is students dropping things into the disk drive, having them go out of alignment and the power supplies going bad.

    Wish I had a $1.00 for each one of those I had to open up and work on.


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