Vectrex Regeneration – Official Vectrex App For iOS!

I’m not sure how this news slipped past my radar but an official Vectrex app for iOS has been released this week, you can pick it up for the low, low price of free over at iTunes and it does come with Minestorm, just like the Vectrex originally did. To pick up the additional 18 titles from the classic gaming system as well as iCade support will cost you $6.99, and it’s been announced that a further 11 titles will be released later on as in-app purchases.

[Via] Touch Arcade


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5 thoughts on “Vectrex Regeneration – Official Vectrex App For iOS!

  1. This is pretty awesome. There is a fix waiting to be approved by Apple that will make it work on jailbroken iDevices and also the original iPad 1. The iPad screen is almost the same size as a real Vectrex and with the iCade unit, it’s perfect. I highly recommend the app, especially if you are into retro gaming and the Vectrex.

  2. pixlie says:

    Picked up the iPad and this app. Seems definitely worth it if you’re a fan. Haven’t spent a whole lot of time, but it seems dead accurate and I had a Vectrex BITD.

    I like how they incorporate the overlays onto the game. Feels very authentic. Although, I remember getting really lazy with the overlays and got to the point where I never used them.

  3. vinvectrex says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this one, Vic. I knew it was in development, but didn’t realize it had been released. I’m looking forward to checking it out this evening.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Holy retrocade coolness!
    This looks and moves just like the real thing.

    Those vector graphics were always tricky to recreate in emulation, but now we are in The Future, indeed.

    Gotta have this.

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