Retroist Podcast – Episode 125 – The Wonder Years

On this week’s show we talk all about the legendary TV Show, The Wonder Years. I am joined this week by Vic Sage with a new “Why Should I Know this Person?”, Doug McCoy with a new “Also Ran” and metagirl with a new “Top 5 List”. Listener Mail is back this week, so send in those questions and comments to

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11 thoughts on “Retroist Podcast – Episode 125 – The Wonder Years

  1. The final episode always makes me tear up just a bit. Sadness and happiness for the characters and what their futures hold…sadness and happiness for my own childhood and what I’d left behind. I’m getting a little misty eyed thinking about it…..

  2. HOW says:

    I just read below on Wiki.
    So if a fresh Wonder Years episode aired today it’d be set in 1992….
    WOW-That makes me feel OLD! :)
    “The series depicts the social and family life of a boy in a typical American suburb from 1968 to 1973, covering his ages of 12 through 17. Each fictional year in the series takes place exactly twenty years before airing (1988 to 1993).”

  3. mwentworth says:

    That final episode is unbelievablly rewatchable, kinda like the first episode of Freaks and Geeks.

  4. David says:

    Bravo to the Retroist.
    I love the wonder years. I originally saw it back when it in the late 1980s, then rediscovered it when I watched every episode in 2007 when it was rearied on ION. I can watch every episode and they are all good.

    The only other show that I can say that about is Freaks and Geeks.

  5. The Wonder Years is the BEST FAMILY TV show ever written. I stumbled on the Wonder Years one night due to lack of anything to watch on TV and caught episode 1. It made such an impression on me I never looked back I have seen every episode at least 3-4 times and it has no equal.

    Like everyone who watched I think the TV show spoke to them but I was convinced that this was my inner dialogue. It hit so perfectly on what it was like being a kid in any era. Just watched the episode the `Christmas party`and I swear I lived that entire episode!|

    Jack and Norma Arnold were everyones parents and Wayne and Kevin were every kid in America. I HATED this episode because it wasnt enough for me..LOL. I wanted another hour of Wonder years chat! Kidding.

    I still see the world through Daniel Sterns voice. Loved this this podcast. Thanks for covering this show!

  6. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great retro lookback, guys and gal!

    One of the best shows to air on TV.

    Funny, hearing your thoughts on the show’s power, Retroist, as it sometimes made me feel to powerfully wistful.
    Maybe not something I wanted on a regular weekly basis, back then.
    But truly something that’d be tasty and nutritious for a modern retro soul, on a TV video shelf, for a nibble once in a while.

    It’s a shame music companies can’t settle on the number of money bags to drop on their doorstep to let the memories of these moments of yesteryear breeze back into our minds.
    (I’m thinking WKRP, as well).

  7. Frank Farina says:

    Great podcast. So many memories of watching Kevin’s exploits back on ABC. I uploaded this behind-the-scenes look at “Wonder Years” hosted by Regis Philbin. Nice clips of Ben and Fred Savage and Danica doing her math homework. Sorry bout the quality, but it’s a neat “Bonus feature.”

  8. Tried so much to like the show. Couldn’t get into it. Watched it for some reason. Was delighted to see Punky Brewster come on… Podcast was good as usual. All contributors did great.

  9. Jorge Baeza says:

    Another great show!

    I just want to say THANK YOU for putting together such great stuff on the website, podcast, etc. I personally feel like I’m listening to a friend from childhood every time I listen to your podcast. Thank you for the time and effort you all put in.

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