Retroist Podcast – Episode 124 – The Last Starfighter

On this week’s show we talk all about the 1980s Sci-Fi classic, The Last Starfighter. I am joined this week by Vic Sage with a new “Why Should I Know this Person?”, Doug McCoy with a new “Also Ran” and Rob “Flack” O’Hara with a great new “Talking Tech”. This week I also try a new segment “Listener Mail”.

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9 thoughts on “Retroist Podcast – Episode 124 – The Last Starfighter

  1. Rick Doherty says:

    I use to love this movie and watched it over and over again. I was a big fan of the theme score as well. While On a Disney trip in the last few years I heard the theme song in the background at either EPCOT or Hollywood studios and immediately recognized it which i thought was wierd since I am pretty sure it is not a disney movie. Having said that, I find it extremely eerie that your screenshot of the movie is a huge hidden mickey.

  2. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    I’m also disappointed this movie didn’t have a toy line. I thought of an action figure line years ago.

    Wave 1

    Alex Rogan in Starfighter gear
    Lord Kril
    Starfighter ship

    Wave 2

    Alex Rogan in trailer park gear
    Beta (pre-Alex version)
    Star Car

  3. One more Trek relation not talked about in your podcast, Meg Wyllie who played Grandma in the Last Starfighter was the main alien in the original Star Trek pilot episode of the Cage.

  4. OlderGamer says:

    Great episode. I got into computer graphics mainly because of this movie (and Tron). My first job out of college I got to work for the guys who did CG (I didn’t find out until after I got the job). I really had to keep myself from pestering them with too many questions. A couple of years later I had switched industries from special effects to computer games and ended up working with one of the guys who made the Last Star Fighter arcade game. Again, I found out by accident. We were developing a (at the time) next generation graphics engine and we needed some test models. Jim produced a Gunstar 3D model and I said “where did you get that?”. “It’s from an unreleased game I worked on.” It was like Six Degrees of the Last Starfighter. Sadly, all of the prototype code didn’t survive (my first question), but some of it has been preserved by the MAME guys and was made to partially run.
    Pretty impressive for 1985 tech (assuming they could get all of it running).

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