Atari Party Crasher – UK TV Spot


I was too young to be hanging out at a party like this when the Atari 2600 was originally released but if I would have been there I would have bolted for the door as soon as the man in this commercial opened his trenchcoat to share all of his Atari 2600 wares!

[Via] Dig That Box RETRO

3 Responses to Atari Party Crasher – UK TV Spot

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    That’s it.
    I’m making an Atari party at my next get-together.
    Whether they like it or not.

  2. Atari gets the party started! Great find!

  3. VicSage says:

    @Atari Adventure Square You bring the 2600 and I’ll be there, my friend! I also promise not to wear a trenchcoat. :P

    @Soap I think we should test this out for ourselves, next time we are asked to attend a gathering at the country club we should plop down a 2600 on one of the tables! ;)

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