The Greatest Transformer The 80s Could Have Created!

Image courtesy of Yetee.Com

Okay, let’s all make a promise. If one of us many fans of the Retroist just so happen to invent a time machine we will travel back to the 80s and make sure that Hasbro actually turns this freaking amazing Transformer design into a toy!

A big thanks to Retroist regular Rick Hansen for the heads up on this T-Shirt design over at The Yetee.Com. There is a system message on the site saying “The Yetee’s getting himself a holiday fur-trimming, but he’ll be back soon, and prettier than ever!” so you might just want to bookmark the page and check back to see if you can get your hands on this awesome T-Shirt.


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9 thoughts on “The Greatest Transformer The 80s Could Have Created!

  1. @Doug You are indeed correct, my friend.

    I’m going to assume that the other giant Transformer featuring KITT, Magnum’s Ferrari, and The Screaming Mimi from Riptide as well as the Visitor’s troop transport from V is the Decepticon 80s vehicle offering! ;)

  2. Decepticon version is an interesting idea. V transport would be a good choice, so would not KITT but KARR, and what else? What other bad guy vehicles are there?

  3. Heck yeah, the semi from Maximum Overdrive, the V Troop Transport, KARR, and we need two more…well I guess it’s a stretch but we could include a Tie-Fighter and a Space Shuttle from Hugo Drax from Moonraker? :)

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, the first thing that popped in mind was “Where’s KITT?”

    Nice belt buckle.
    I want one for my non-transformable frame.

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