Williams Electronic’sTurkey Shoot (1984)

Image courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive

Today seems like the perfect day to talk about this rather quirky 1984 arcade title from Williams Electronics. As a Turkey Terminator you are tasked with defending the city from rampaging…turkeys…well actually they are people that have been transformed into turkeys thanks to the Great Gobble Blight of 1989. Using advanced weaponry that include a laser gun, grenade launcher, and a turkey caller you have to make it through through 100 levels, trying your best to stop the marauding menace and protect the citizens of the city!

Here is a 39:21 YouTube video of the game:
[Via] Old Classic Game

Thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the flyer you see posted up top. From everyone here at the Retroist we wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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8 thoughts on “Williams Electronic’sTurkey Shoot (1984)

  1. When this game was written up in one of the video game magazines of the day, probably Electronic Games, they said that if you got to a certain point in the game, a blast of real turkey feathers would be fired out of the cabinet.

    True or no?

  2. mwentworth says:

    Fantastic! I never heard of this game, but I would love to give it a try! I was trying to think of a good thanksgiving related game to break up the familial drama yesterday, but all I could come up with was South Park for the N64. Shooting insane turkeys did help help pass the time until the feast was ready.

  3. BAS, I’ve not been able to find anything that supports that article. I’ll keep looking though!

    Is Turkey Shoot available through MAME, does anyone know?

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Pretty sure I played this in emulated form, musta been Mame.
    But it was a while ago, so possibly an old rom that never got updated for newer versions of the emulator.

    And regarding the real feathers, that feature is true!
    There’s a closed area in front of the CRT and a burst of air sends feathers flying in front of the screen at the end of the level.

    Here’s some KLOV info on this:

    This post and the feather lore brought back some retro chuckles for me.
    That game was quite a quirky showstopper in the arcades.
    Not the best game ever, but one of the most fun for your coin’s worth.

    It’d be a great addition to a home funzone.
    Feathers and all.

  5. angela(toao) says:

    I had never heard of the feather thing. According to the manual on the KLOV link above there were 80 feathers in the “Feather Chamber Assembly”.

    And here I thought that the pinball knocker in the bottom of Q*bert’s cabinet was impressive…

  6. Here is a video of Turkey Shoot from Arcade Fan 1985 which is part of the 2084 arcade’s vast Williams collection. I asked about the feathers on the machine and was given this reply:
    “Yes, It has a double bezel and a blower motor that would puff feathers. Im not sure when the blower works, maybe after each round. I removed all the feathers. Seems the feathers would scratch the paint off the bezel.?”

  7. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Nice gameface -framed video.

    But Turkey Shoot without the feathers?
    Now that I know about that feature, I can’t even imagine playing the rom without smacking a leaky pillow at the end of every round.

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