Robocop The Animated Series: The Man In The Iron Suit (1988)


I’m not quite sure how the darkly themed classic Paul Verhoeven futuristic sci-fi movie Robocop ever spawned toys, much less a live action TV series AND an animated series but I’m certainly glad it did. What better way to spend a Saturday morning than watching an episode from that series?

In this episode “The Man in the Iron Suit” we find that thanks to OCP’s chief mad scientist, Dr. McNamara, an Exosuit has been created that could possibly render Robocop obsolete as Old Detroit’s greatest protector!

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  1. Good point about those toys and cartoons, and the same could be said for Alien as well…I’m surprised they never made Caligula the animated series!

  2. VicSage says:

    Daniel Th1rte3n , the times that we live in…I wouldn’t exactly count that animated series out just yet. ;)

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Good stuff!

    And how cool is it that Granny Johnson runs that industrial-sized bakery in full ‘granny-wear’…all by herself!

    Still, yeah, it’s kind of an eyebrow-raising output.
    It’s like they never figured (or cared) that kids would obviously rush to see the R-rated movie incarnation (on VHS at the time).

    But then, it might have been that much of a shock, since rather than give a typical morality lesson, this cartoon just seems like an extension of the movies, although in a PG setting.
    It certainly pushes the violence (real and intended) to its limits, for morning kid fare.

  4. VicSage says:

    Agreed, Atari Adventure Square! I think that Granny Johnson had to run this place by herself…because it IS Old Detroit after all, this probably happens every day there. ;)

  5. IIRC, wasn’t the original cup of Robocop rated X/NC-17 (whichever it was at the time) for graphic violence? I think they had to recut it to get it to a hard R.

  6. VicSage says:

    Carlos, I’m pretty sure you are right about that statement. Because the Director’s Cut of Robocop is a lot more bloodier…the scene where poor Kinney gets shredded by ED-209 goes a bit longer and is just downright…messier.

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