Tim-Mee’s Cavemen and Battle Mountain


We had a lot of fun remembering Tim-Mee’s Galaxy Laser Team plastic figures. Recently, Jeff let me know about a new Tim-Mee set of plastic figures that have been reissued. It is the Cave Men set and their Battle Mountain playset.

The Cave Men themselves are great, but it is the mountain that really makes them fantastic. I like that it has three levels and several caves and passages. This was the kind of thing that would keep me busy for hours as a kid, imaging the cavemen building fires and gathering grubs…ok, who am I kidding, I just had them knocking each other off the ledges to their doom. You can check out my review here.

You can get the cavemen here and the cave here. Also, Jeff told me about a line of military vehicles you can find here, here, here, and here.

2 Responses to Tim-Mee’s Cavemen and Battle Mountain

  1. VicSage says:

    Great post and video, Doug! I totally want these under my Christmas Tree this year!

  2. Charlou says:

    These are amazing. I had gotten the new Galaxy Laser Team some months ago, and now am ordering the Cave Men and the Battle Mountain. After that, will be the Tim Mee Army Men. So many cool memories. Thanks for sharing this.

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