Bill Bixby’s Final Interview

I have been on an original Incredible Hulk kick lately and have been playing catch with interviews and info about the show via YT. This is Bixby’s final interview and it is kind of a sad and hard to watch interview. But Bixby’s attitude and ability to find empathy, even in the face of cancer, is compelling. A great talent who went too early.


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4 thoughts on “Bill Bixby’s Final Interview

  1. CT says:

    A couple years ago, I grabbed the complete set of Incredible Hulk DVDs and then over the next few months, I worked my way through them. While not every episode was a complete winner, every episode was at least watchable thanks to the talent of Bill Bixby. He carried that show on his back some weeks. And in the third season in particular, it went a lot of cool places. Bixby was a master at the craft and despite the years since his passing, I found myself still saddened at the end of the run knowing there would be nothing more from him.

  2. I’ve waited for years for a “Rocky 6” like ending to the HULK series, I’ve even called Lou Ferrigno’s office. Bill Bixby died in 1994 of the same cancer as my aunt. Then McGee also died in the mid 2000s I believe. I think they could have made a last good one in 2007, with McGee chasing him one last time, I think before he died. It just doesn’t seem right for it to end with that crappy “Death of the HULK” episode. Bill Bixby was the best. I always wanted to see Lou reprise his role, though, even for one last movie, that would be a dream come true. I think he is 60 at the time of this post, but looks 10 years younger than his age. He was in a really bad B-movie recently, I wish some big director would “find” him.

  3. Bill Bixby died in 1993, my aunt in 1994, and Jack Colvin died in 2005. I believe he was a teacher. That would have been awesome to see him on screen again.

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