CBS Radio Mystery Theater – The Witches’ Sabbath

CBS Radio Mystery Theater was a radio drama series created by Himan Brown. It was broadcast on radio stations from 1974 to 1982. It is refreshing stuff for OTR fans and was very exciting stuff to hear when I was young since it had a more modern vibe. The guy in this episode is a computer engineer! How is that for modern?

If you do not listen to Old Time Radio because you think of it is as too dated, why not give CBS Radio Theater a try. This is episode 544 in the series. It originally ran on October 30, 1976 (perfect for Halloween) and was rebroadcast on February 12, 1977.


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One thought on “CBS Radio Mystery Theater – The Witches’ Sabbath

  1. Chris Chase says:

    Excellent ! I have the entire collection of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater as mp3’s on 5 DVD discs. These reto shows are classic – I absolutely love them ! Thanks for bringing atention to this series on the “Retroist” website !

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