Behind the Scenes Photos from Creature from the Black Lagoon

Every Year I watch Creature from Black Lagoon around the Halloween season. I think at this point, not counting a remarkable 3D viewing from my youth I have watched the film 2 dozens times and I never get tired. Not that I have seen these behind the scenes photos, I think I will not be able to watch the movie the same way. Especially that photo of the creature smooching with Julie Adams.

[via] Junk Pumpkin [via] The Classic Horror Film Board


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One thought on “Behind the Scenes Photos from Creature from the Black Lagoon

  1. Nancy Morrison says:

    Actually, that is not Julie Adams, the monster is kissing, it is a frosted blonde. Look at the legs, while nice, is not the slim upper legs of Julie Adams. Half of the film is watching Julie swim, and you don’t know her legs when you see them??

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