Bob Crane

Rod Serling Talks To Bob Crane About The Twilight Zone Episode “The Shelter”

In this YouTube clip posted below you will hear then future actor Bob Crane (Hogan’s Heroes) interviewing Rod Serling about the uproar generated on the original broadcasting of the 1961 Twilight Zone episode entitled “The Shelter” on his KNX CBS Radio program.

Bob Crane became the “King of the Lost Angeles Airwaves” and even subbed for Johnny Carson on the game show Who Do You Trust?, which led him to get roles on the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Channing, and the General Electric Theater. It was Carl Reiner after appearing on his show that suggested Crane get a guest shot on the Dick Van Dyke Show and after doing so was noticed by Donna Reed who got him the part of her neighbor Dr. Dave Kelsey on her own TV program.

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