Pac-Man the Animated Series – Season 2 now Available on DVD

I was excited when Season 1 of Pac-Man the Animated Series came out on DVD and I had my doubts as to whether we would ever see the second season of this 80s classic or not. Well color me blue because I am very happy to report that people do have good taste in home entertainment. The second season of the cartoon version of everyone’s favorite 1980s ghost chomper is now available on DVD from the Warner Archive!

Pac-Man returns for a Power Pellet chomping second season of adventures, with some very special cast additions – teenage cousin PJ and the super-heroic Super-Pac! Together with the rest of the Pac pack, they continue to thwart Mezmaron and his minions while time-travelling, battling Robo-Pacs and Pac-Apes, and taking a trip to Pac-Hollywood. Save your quarters, this game’s been extended! Contains all 16 sophomore season adventures. Special Bonus! You’ve hit the high score – this collection also includes the fan-favorite primetime holiday special Christmas Comes to PacLand! Originally airing during Pac-Man’s first season (but as an evening broadcast event), Christmas Comes to PacLand sees Pac, Pepper, Baby and the Pac-Pets enjoying an unexpected snowfall when an errant ghost attack sends Santa’s reindeer WAY off course. Can Pac-Man save the most special day of all? Guest-starring Santa and some very special reindeer.

You read that right in addition to the complete second season and its 16 magical episodes, you also get the holiday special, Christmas Comes to PacLand! I am a big fan of season 1, but what I loved about season 2 is the addition of a new character, namely Super-Pac.

This should be the time of year when a brand new fall line-up of Saturday Morning Cartoons are lighting up your TV. Sadly we all know that this is not our reality anymore. So give yourself a treat and make it fall of 1983 all over again by picking up a copy of Pac-Man: The Complete Second Season exclusively at the WP Shop (Warner Archive) and get reacquainted with some old friends.


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2 thoughts on “Pac-Man the Animated Series – Season 2 now Available on DVD

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this. I still remember when they would do the Saturday Morning Cartoons preview show at the end of summer. I remember when they showed Pac-Man on that and how excited I was to watch that (and Q-bert, too #@%!)

  2. I miss watching those and the feeling of anticipation they caused. That block of time felt , in the otherwise adult world, like it was mine. People love to criticize the commercialism of the Saturday Morning era and they don’t seem to focus on the good stuff enough.

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