Chick Corea’s Friends? The Smurfs!

Chick Corea is a contemporary American jazz musician who, sadly, I had never heard of before yesterday. Although I am unfamiliar with his work, I am, however, familiar with the Smurfs, which is what caught my eye while digging around in the music bin of my local thrift store:

What surprised me about this album (er, 8-track) was that it was released in 1978, three years before The Smurfs cartoon series invaded the United States. What was a pretty obscure reference in 1978 (at least in the US) would become instantly recognizable characters just a few years later.

Later versions of the album cover were changed, possibly to avoid copyright issues.

(Comparison photo courtesy of

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3 thoughts on “Chick Corea’s Friends? The Smurfs!

  1. My best friend loved Chick Corea and saw him in concert. He didn’t say anything about the Smurfs on the backup instruments, though.

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