The Future Looks Good for Retro Arcades (at least in comics)

I cannot wait for 2205 AD so I can get back into a good old fashion arcade.



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One thought on “The Future Looks Good for Retro Arcades (at least in comics)

  1. okcmallrat says:

    It was always the first one available as I was growing up. But it’s kind of like a rite of passage. You had to play the **** games to hone your skills. Of course there were some gems hidden in the back of the arcade but mostly I was stuck playing something like Bad Dudes or Time Pilot. I also found my love for Pinball machines while I was roaming around the back of LeMans Arcade in Crossroads Mall. As I grew older and more confident I gravitated to the more recent machines towards the front and was able to hold my own against everyone else. Sure I had to wait in line some times, but by then my **** talking skills had grown as well so that was part of the fun. Talk **** and back it up on the machine.

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