Happy Days Action Figures

While out and about, I recently ran across a complete set of Happy Days action figures.

I hate when I run across something “new”, thinking that it’s “old”.

The giveaway, of course, was the URL written on the back of the packaging.

Over at ClassicTVToys.com you can find not only these figures, but lots of other classic 8″ figures as well (for about the same price than I found them at the antique mall).

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6 thoughts on “Happy Days Action Figures

  1. I’m going to get all the Happy Days action figures *and* get the Jefferson D’Arcy figure from their “Married with Children” collection so that I can recreate the late season episodes of Happy Days.

  2. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    I have the original set of 4 figures from 1976. They are loose but mint.

    At least the new figures weren’t loose and you thought they were the old ones and bought them.

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