AMC Cars Were Almost Problem Free?

As you may know, I am a big fan of the AMC Gremlin. Now I know that AMC didn’t make perfect cars. I just love the way that Grem looked. One group of people thought AMC made perfect cars. Their ad people…


Garry Vander Voort

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3 thoughts on “AMC Cars Were Almost Problem Free?

  1. I owned a Gremlin in the late 80’s. It was brown and I called it “the turd moblie”.

    Can’t say it was trouble free – remember taking it to the Chevy dealer to get it repaired alot.

    Did not like starting in the winter – ended up keeping a can of ether in the back seat to spray in the air filter to help it along…

    Would like to find one again for nostalga, perhaps a Levi’s Edition one….

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