Retro Revival on the Half-shell, Turtle Power!

The Ninja Turtles will be having yet another new series, starting at the end of this month. The series will be done in CGI. The designs of the turtles will be different from previous series, most noticably with their limbs narrowing toward the hips/shoulders, more like a real turtle. The turtles will also be more different from each other. In previous incarnations, they all looked the same, but in this one they have slightly more unique designs. (For example, Donatello is taller than Michelangelo, and Raphael has a big crack in his shell.)

The greatest change in the available clips however, seems to be Splinter’s appearance. He’s taller, slimmer/straighter, and has svelt black & grey fur instead of dingy brown.

Based on the previews, this show will blend the darker, more action-packed elements of the more recent series with some of the humor from the original series.
The styling will take a bit of getting used to, but this looks to be a promising new series (and the style change actually seems less jarring than the 2003 series, and especially the extremely stylized designs from Fast Forward).
The show will air September 29, 2012 on Nick.


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5 thoughts on “Retro Revival on the Half-shell, Turtle Power!

  1. Tim says:

    Well, I had high hopes for this series, but this video lowered all of my expectations. I really dislike the cartoony effects they have added. It seems incredibly out of place with the CGI animation they have created. They’ve definitely put a lot of work into the character models, but they they add these horrible cheesy effects. Time will tell. It really will depend on the stories. But a nearly three minute long training sequence that didn’t do much for me is not a good start.

  2. Matt Stilwell says:

    Not interested in the least. The guy that’s doing Donatello is the guy that did Raphael in the 80s series. Why not have him do Raphael ?

  3. Not surprising of course but I agree with MWentworth and Drahken on this, looks promising at the very least, and I’ll certainly take Rob Paulsen (Pinky and the Brain, The Tick, and about a Billion more) as Donatello. His natural voice sounds more like Donatello in my opinion.

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