Buck Rogers Pop-Up Book

I ran across this sweet pop-up book over the weekend. I didn’t end up buying it because a few of the pages were torn, but I thought I would share it with you all nonetheless.

For some reason this book seems very familiar to me. I wasn’t a huge Buck Rogers fan so I don’t think I owned it as a kid, but I see on the cover it’s a Random House book, which means it was probably available through my elementary school’s “book club”. Maybe one of my grade school teachers had it available in our classroom.

The pages that did work were very awesome. Not only did the ships pop out on this page, but the pull tab on the right fired missiles!

At the end of the book, Buck and Wilma receive medals for their heroic actions.

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3 thoughts on “Buck Rogers Pop-Up Book

  1. It is quite a find! I had the Empire Strikes Back pop-up book from the same publisher. Maybe that’s why it looks familiar? They had quite a few pop-up books and used the same illustrator.

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