Get The Smurfs and the Magical Flute on DVD

Great news Smurf fans, the original feature film, the one that satisfied fans of the Smurfs throughout the 1980s is now available on DVD from Shout! Factory. I am a big fan of the little blue guys, so I was very happy to pick this one up and relive some childhood memories. Just be warned, the story and animation is not a little different feeling from later episode of the cartoon, if that is what you are used to, but the magic is very much intact.

A magical flute is just what Court Jester Peewit needs to play delightful tunes that make everyone in the kingdom dance: until the dancing turns dangerous. Sir Johan tries in vain to recover the musical instrument, but an (un-smurfy) thief named McCreep beats him to it, intending to use the flute to steal gold from the King s subjects. It’s the Smurfs-to-the-rescue when Papa Smurf devises a plan to create a second magical flute, and Peewit and Sir Johan go on a great adventure to find McCreep, win the musical duel and save the kingdom!

The DVD even has some extras (unexpected bonus), including:

– Theatrical Trailer
– Image Galley
– Smurf Terminology Overview
– Character Guide and more

I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the more recent Smurf film, but I can give The Smurfs and the Magic Flute the smurf of approval. So smurf out and smurf up your very own copy today.


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3 thoughts on “Get The Smurfs and the Magical Flute on DVD

  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    Am I the only one who wasn’t into the Smurfs after Johan and Peewit showed up? I thought those characters changed the show too much.

  2. I liked it until the time travel years, although I agree that the johan and peewit episodes weren’t as good as the regular ones.

    The thing though is that johan & peewit were actually the original characters. They started out in their own comic, then the smurfs were introduced in the magic flute story, then the smurfs got their own comic & eventually a TV series, then johan & peewit were eventually re-introduced into the TV series.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Used to read, look and marvel at the little blue guys’ adventures in the hardcover comic series back in grade school.

    (French site with nifty color pics of said comics and sampler page)

    Yeah, the humans were never welcome, really. But as Drahken said, Smurfs were the Steve Urkel to original J&P’s Winslows, eventually steering more attention to their tiny cute selves.

    Fun movie. I’m pretty sure I caught this at a Saturday matinee, back then.
    Would bring back memories to rewatch.

    Maybe I’d even feel matinee popcorn being thrown around, once again.

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