The Beach Boys Go Disco?

In the late ‘70s, disco was so dominant that it seemed it would last forever. Many older acts panicked, and quickly jumped on the bandwagon to stay relevant, leaving behind some bizarre pop cultural relics. For example: the Beach Boys. In 1979, the band recorded an 11-minute disco version of “Here Comes the Night,” a beautiful, fun song originally written and sung in 1967 by Brian Wilson and Mike Love. The remake features vocals by the Beach Boys JV squad of Al Jardine and Carl Wilson. It is, to date, the first Beach Boys songs to feature vocoders. Listen, if you think you can handle it:

Brian Boone

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One thought on “The Beach Boys Go Disco?

  1. Badwolf says:

    Deplorable. They should be ashamed (except that they had very little going on at that time, so they needed to do something).

    At least with The Grateful Dead (Shakedown Street) you knew who you were listening to.

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