Pac-Man Reminds Us That It’s Just A Job In The Amazing Adventures Of Pac-Man (1982)

I still have this LP in my collection and decided to drag it out this afternoon to give it a listen. I still think though that Pac-Man shouldn’t be quite so soft spoken…it’s almost creepy.

[Via] Thanks to Everybodys Secret over on YouTube


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3 thoughts on “Pac-Man Reminds Us That It’s Just A Job In The Amazing Adventures Of Pac-Man (1982)

  1. Sounds like the same Pac-Man & narrator from the Picture Album I have, only the song is way more painful than the ones on that record. Did “Pac-Man” do his VA work in a different studio? He sounds off compared to the other voices, with a bit more echo.

  2. Glad you liked it, Six Million Dollar Jedi!

    I know what you mean ShadowWing Tronix on the voice, it’s odd the way it sounds.

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