Corgi Formula 1 Toy Cars

I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid, so I was aware that their was a Formula 1 “thing” going on in some circles in the US. Somehow this just completely passed over my patch of suburban New Jersey. Perhaps we were just too involved in Cosmos soccer at the time? It’s a shame, I always thought the toys looked pretty cool.

corgi forumula-1


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2 thoughts on “Corgi Formula 1 Toy Cars

  1. Badwolf says:

    Corgis were higher priced toy cars. I generally gravitated towards Hot Wheels and Matchbox; I always thought Hot Wheels were for the cool kids while Matchbox were for the geeky kids. Today I like Matchbox only because they generally don’t have really juvenile (read: silly and stupid) paint schemes and designs. Hot Wheels castings could be really brilliant if they didn’t have such garish paint on the exterior. If they showed some restraint, they could be great.

  2. ammomojo says:

    My uncle in England bought the John Player Lotus one for me when I was a kid. I am a fan of F1 to this day and with the Lotus team running the black and gold color scheme again, I have been meaning to get back over to my parents house and look for it. I know its still there somewhere!

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