Verbot the Voice Activated Robot

As a kid I always wanted to have a robot that  would do thing for me like homework, chores, clean up after the dog, pretty much all the stuff that my mom made me do that cut into my fun time. Well sad to say it never happened and not matter how much I still want it to happen even today pretty sure it is not going to.

Verbot the Voice Activated Robot just happens to be one of the many robots that I wanted, but was never even close to getting. Even today it seems that Verbot has taken a new meaning but still hold some of it’s functions true. Instead of a robot that will do all my evil bidding, Verbot is instead automated agents or chatterbots you can interact with using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. 

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10 thoughts on “Verbot the Voice Activated Robot

  1. Oh man I wanted this so badly! Maybe it was this commercial portraying the 45 minute process of delivering a milk bone to a dog sitting 3 feet away from you that made it so enticing.

  2. Kill Screen, thanks for posting this. I still have my Verbot, he is patiently guarding my movie themed glassware in the kitchen cupboards, right next to R2-D2. What? I didn’t want him to get lonely did I?!

  3. vinvectrex says:

    Great post! I really wanted one of these, but my friends mocked me. “It doesn’t even work well in the commercial since the kid has to repeat ‘Verbot, I said ‘Left!’.” They sort of had a point. Looked like a great toy, though.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Wha…? My 2-XL is the perfect buddy.

    I talk endlessly about my day and he listens, oh-so quietly.
    If I’m feeling low, I press him for a reply
    and he gives me the groovy, soothing sounds of The Fifth Dimension.

    And Verbot truly is an object of robo-beauty.
    But I think the dog’s gonna ignore the family members from now on.
    Verbot’s the one with the biscuits!

  5. angela(toao) says:

    I was “lucky” enough to get one of these when I was a kid. Problem was, I also had a speech impediment at the time.

    Thanks Mom, thanks Dad. Best present EVER. ;)

  6. @ angela, speech problem or not, it goes by YOUR voice, your recording of the commands, so it should work regardless. I know, I too have a speech problem, worked fine.

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