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5 thoughts on “Frank Zappa on Make Me Laugh

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great bit of rare retro TV!

    I wonder how many comedians changed careers after failing on this show?

    They should’ve been told that, despite the oddness of his otherworldly musical universe, Frank never partook in the recreational intakes common to the rock musician lifestyle.
    Only a sober mind could find clear channels through the ziggity-zaggety notes that gave us all his incredible music.
    He had a better sense of humor in his music than any comedian’s bits put before him.

    (Though he failed miserably in his SNL hosting gig, unable to detach himself from his own detached persona)

    I like how this show makes one think about what makes the funny funny.

  2. Dudley88 says:

    Thanks for posting this, ammomojo. I had almost forgotten about this show. It wasn’t available where I lived, but I would occasionally catch it when I would spend the weekends at my aunt’s house in another town, or when I’d go to visit relatives in the Chicago area. It was a great concept for a game show.

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