Kodak Film, Now at Your Grocery Store

With our digital cameras with instant view screens and instant print outs if desired, it’s easy to forget what a pain it once was to take a simple snapshot. First of all, you had to buy film, then load it, then get it developed. And, if this ad from 1974 is to be believed, that year marked the first time you could get film at a grocery store, rather than some specialty photo shop. Amazing.

kodak ad

Brian Boone

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3 thoughts on “Kodak Film, Now at Your Grocery Store

  1. Badwolf says:

    I have a feeling it was always there, but that Kodak wanted to raise awareness of its existence there. Film was always big in drug stores as well.

  2. We always bought our film in the supermarket when we were going on a trip. This was later than this ad, but I am pretty sure I remembered passing it even before we owned a working camera.

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