JEM and the Holograms: Season Three on DVD

Just a reminder for those of you who did not pick up Jem and the Holograms – The Truly Outrageous Complete Series on DVD, the third and final season of the popular/magical series has been released.

With Jem and The Holograms at the height of their success, there’s a new band in town, The Stingers!, and they’re not about to let Jem and her music group take all the limelight. The group’s leader, Riot, is charmed by Jem and vows to make her his. Jem finds herself conflicted with feelings for Riot AND for her longtime beau, Rio. Who will win Jem’s affections? Will The Stingers buzz their way to the top of the music charts, or will The Misfits’ mischief and mayhem thwart their rise to superstardom? Find out now! Finally, the last episodes of the iconic Jem and The Holograms can be found in one DVD set!

I picked up the full box set when it came out and I can tell you that as the show moved into its finals season I only became more invested in it and of course, when it ended, I was wanting more. Which is how a good show should always leave you. So what are you waiting for? Finish off your collection and enjoy every last minute of this iconic 80s cartoon. To not do so would be truly truly truly outrageous.


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2 thoughts on “JEM and the Holograms: Season Three on DVD

  1. Drahken says:

    I didn’t like the later seasons as much, things like the stingers, hollywood jem, etc.

  2. john fernandes says:

    Oh God do I Love this Cartoon Series !!! One of the Best Cartoons Ever Produced in My Opinion !!!! And I just Love Britta Phillips (The Voice of Jem/Jerrica) Thanx for the Info !!!

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