BraveStarr Meets Sherlock Holmes! (1988)

I was a pretty big fan of BraveStarr in my youth, the toys from the series that is. To my eyes it was the closest thing I could get to an Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers action figure. I had almost the whole set of characters though for some reason I was never able to get my hands on Marshall BraveStarr’s loyal friend, 30-30.

I didn’t have a TV station in my neck of the woods that played BraveStarr in the mornings or afternoon so I probably watched my first episode on VHS about a year after the toys hit the shelves. In my mind the setting of BraveStarr was pretty serious, he was a Lawman that had been sent to New Texas to rid the good people of outlaws and alien marauders. By rid I do mean he gunned them down…in a fair fight mind you…but they didn’t walk away. Obviously the series didn’t quite jive with the adventures my characters got up to, which is probably for the best as it would have been a very short series.

A couple of years back I was shocked to find out that the animated series had a two part episode dealing with a time traveling…Sherlock Holmes? I have to say that it’s pretty darn awesome and I would have certainly become a fan of Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century if it had somehow spun off and become new series.

BraveStarr: Sherlock Holmes In The 23rd Century Part 1

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  1. That’s a very good point, Drahken. I used to catch Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century before I had to head to work in the mornings. In my neck of the woods it was Fox Kids! that would air it.

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