Snap Tite Construction Models from 1971

For the glue impaired Snap Tite models were a gift from the gods. Easy to put together and fun to play with they made Mom happy because you never glued your hands to your Mother’s favorite carpet. In the model world I always likes planes from WWII, but as a Tonka man I would never turn up my nose at a cool dump truck model.

The illustrations are great. Sort of Car-Toonish. Wonder if I can get my hands on that Boss Bulldozer? I’ll have to eBay this one of these nights. Maybe after I finally put together my awesome Pontiac GTO — scope it.


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2 thoughts on “Snap Tite Construction Models from 1971

  1. Drahken says:

    I had a number of sanp tite models when I was a kid. The thing is, every single one actually did need glue. Perhaps not officially, but nonetheless…. The problem was that the pieces weren’t cut/molded correctly, so the only way to get them together was to glue them together. My snap tite models were all bought new in the 80s, so maybe they just had terrible quality control in the 80s. *shrug*

  2. RetroArt says:

    These look awesome!
    In the day, my snap-together plastic pasttime were the “Prehistoric Scenes” by AURORA.
    Can’t beat an awesome dinosaur model!

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