Mr. Rogers goes to Congress

After watching the Garden of your Mind video, I downloaded the song to listen to in the car. I then remembered seeing video footage of Mr Rogers in Congress asking for funding for the program and thought I would share.

The congressman somewhat belittles him at the beginning but slowly becomes more interested in what he has to say and then eventually sheds a tear after Fred Rogers recites the words to the “Mad that you Feel” song. I think it is worth watching and that it shows how Mr Rogers could touch anyone and how he got what was important in life.

Rick Doherty

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5 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers goes to Congress

  1. Even though this is from May 1, 1969 it still rings true today in 2012. I wish more people could make our government feel like Mr. Rogers did. Television can be a wonderful media of learning and intellectual growth, however most (not all) of the stuff on TV today is crap. It’s sad to think that our government today in the USA won’t spend too much? time on helping children like this by supporting educational TV or even in the classrooms anymore. Just imagine if we still had shows like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on TV today… kids might be a little more educated and better humans.

  2. mwentworth says:

    Mr. Rogers showed us the way to be a quiet leader and a gentle authority figure. I wish there was video of his testimony regarding video recordings. His testimony was key in keeping the VCR on the market, despite the movie industries best efforts to squash it. And what happened as a result? The movie industry discovered that it could make even more money selling their movies to the home market; who would have thunk? Mr. Rogers knows best, so you best step off and respect the sneakers!!

  3. Rick Doherty says:

    No problem VicSage. I once read that Mr Rogers had no desire to go into tv but the things on tv drove him to have his show to give kids an alternative. I find it so awesome how the Senator slowly and slowly becomes more engaged and then admits that he his a pretty tough guy but has the chills.

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