Brionvega Combo CD/DVD/Record Player


Are you still living in the year 2008 with your separate devices for playing CDs, DVDs and LPs? Well of course you won’t admit to it, that is why we all secretly laugh at you. Since ALL of use are wealthy enough to afford the retro styled Brionvega RR226. This amazing piece of vintage looking tech will not only bring much needed style to any room, but will finally allow you to throw away all that extraneous technology and replace it with something the size of a small cabinets, this saving you precious inches in your already cramped rumpus room.

I could not find any info on the price of this beauty, but I can imagine it will be high to extremely high. Got to say though, with styling like this, it might be worth it (for those looking for an xmas present to get me).

Brionvega RR226 [via] Dvice


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2 thoughts on “Brionvega Combo CD/DVD/Record Player

  1. Drahken says:

    No no, it needs to be done in woodgrain, that would give it the retro feel it needs ( or a brushed metal look if you want something more tech-y).

    What I’d really like to get is a big console stereo/TV combo unit, ideally with an 8-track player included.

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