First Ever Documented Spider-Man Fan Film from 1969


According to the uploader of this fabulous film, Fudgebudger, this is…

The first ever documented Spider-Man fan film, and the first (unofficial) live action appearance of Spider-Man from 1969! This was produced by Donald F. Glut and was his last amateur film (he had produced many other Marvel fan films before this) before moving on to write for classic cartoons like Transformers and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

Wowsers and dig that outfit! This is early hardcore comic book fandom at its best.

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  1. Doug says:

    If I’m not mistaken – didn’t Donald F. Glut write the novelization for the greatest Star Wars movie of all, The Empire Strikes Back?

  2. The Retroist says:

    Yes writer, motion picture director, screenwriter, amateur paleontologist, musician and actor Donald F. Glut did write that. (those are all from his wikipedia page)

  3. Rich Gott says:

    I thoroughly read over the contents of Donald Glut’s personal website a couple of years ago. Here’s a link to the amazing story of how he (basically) created the Masters of the Universe (He-Man) back-story!!

    My favorite quote: “My work on “Masters of the Universe” taught me one basic lesson: Don’t create anything original, especially concepts that someone else will make millions of dollars from, unless you have a percentage of the profits or part ownership. It’s a lesson I’ve managed to stick to since my days with He-Man and the gang.”

    Amazing stuff.

  4. VicSage says:

    This is awesome! Rich, thanks for sharing that link, that is some very interesting history. :)

  5. Doug says:

    I could climb that brick wall in the beginning. It’s totally slanted.

  6. Rich Gott says:

    VicSage — No problem. It’s great to find a community of people who care about such things.

  7. The Retroist says:

    Great interview Rich. Wish I had read that before my He-Man show.

  8. Cosmic Joker says:

    My favorite part in this movie hands down is when Spiderman deliberately uses the henchman as a human shield. I haven’t seen stuff that good since Batman stuffed a bomb down a baddie’s trousers and walked away smirking.

  9. @ Cosmic Joker, here is a trailer I made for “The Adventures of Captain Marvel”. Jump to 2:35 mark and tell me that’s not bad-ass :)

  10. That is pretty rad. I love the dubbed in lines like when the girl says “he wouldn’t want to shoot me!”

  11. Atari Adventure Square says:

    What a treat!

    I’m not surprised the creator of this fan film went on to use his great imagination for fame, if not fortune.

    And also, y’see Hollywood? Not once did Spidey tear off his mask to show his Actor Face.

    Great depiction of our friendly neighborhood web-slinger.
    (and great use of snazzy production music for the car rides)

  12. VicSage says:

    Justin, that was very well done! I really like how you blended the Elfman and Williams scores. There is one problem…I haven’t actually seen the Captain Marvel serials and this looks like an awesome one. Now I need to hunt it down and add it to my collection! :)

  13. VicSage, fair warning: watch it on VHS. I used to be AMAZED at the special effects until I saw the clarity that DVD gives you… Argh, wires EVERYWHERE!

    Still a great serial, best ever.

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