Dook Larue - Heartaches

The Rock-afire Explosion: Heartaches (1980)

It’s a sad fact that I do not still own most of the Showbiz Pizza merchandise I acquired in my youth. I no longer have the coloring books or plush characters or even the frisbees that I once did…I do however still have my Official Billy Bob membership card and the 45 record featuring Dook Larue’s rendition of the Ted Weems and His Orchestra 1933 hit, Heartaches.

[Via] Showbiz Pizza.Com and 7751Aaron

Dook is the awesome intergalactic canine drummer…that you can barely see on the left side of the video. He was hands down my favorite character in the Rock-afire Explosion with Fatz the Gorilla coming in a close second.

Now in truth I assume that the Rock-afire Explosion band was actually covering Patsy Cline’s version from her album, “Sentimentally Yours”, which was released in 1962.

For fun here is the original Ted Weems Orchestra version from back in 1938!

Update: A huge thanks to Scott of the Radio Record Club on YouTube for pointing out that the Rock-afire Explosion cover of Heartaches was by the Marcels from back in 1961. Give it a listen, sounds like it to me.