Donald Duck In “Toy Tinkers” (1949)

Listening to the Retroist’s DuckTales Podcast on Friday gave me the urge to visit some of the classic Walt Disney shorts featuring his ill-tempered Nephew. In this theatrical short, Donald (Voiced by Clarence Nash) once again shares the limelight with Chip and Dale (Jimmy MacDonald and Dessie Flynn). Originally released by RKO Pictures in 1949,”Toy Tinkers” was directed by Jack Hannah.

[Via] Dr.Asik100’s YouTube Channel

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One thought on “Donald Duck In “Toy Tinkers” (1949)

  1. Cosmic Joker says:

    I wonder who Donald was planning on sharing all that Christmas swag with in an isolated cabin in the woods? He certainly had quite a large assortment of toys and enough high-calorie Christmas goodies to feed and entertain an army.

    My particular favorite gift idea was the revolver in a giant gift walnut. I wonder who he was planning on giving that to?

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