DuckTales Plush Toys

Did you have fantasies about re-living your favorite DuckTales episodes? Well with the DuckTales plush toys your fantasies would be within your reach. Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webbigail are at the ready to help you defend your money bin against those pesky Beagle Boys or perhaps to find Launchpad McQuack’s lost scarf. The duck-themed fantasy possibilities are endless. So dig your ducky friends out of storage or off the shelf today and get playing!


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4 thoughts on “DuckTales Plush Toys

  1. I was pretty disappointed that this was all there was offered to us as far as Ducktales toys. I despondently wanted action figures of Scrooge and the gang.

  2. dijital101 says:

    This wasn’t all that was made. There was a whole set of PVC figures and even a series of action figures (mego style). Just search for “ducktales toy” on ebay.

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