Nacho and Dog - Taco Bell

Retroist Presents: Taco Bell “At The Movies” (1997)

Back in 1997 Taco Bell were aiming at the younger kids with these two characters, Nacho and Dog. They even had their own toys in the ‘kids’ meals at one point. I paid a little more attention to the duo though in this TV Commercial as the toy tie-in was related to the re-release of the Original Star War trilogy!

3 thoughts on “Retroist Presents: Taco Bell “At The Movies” (1997)

  1. Me too. I still have all those toys including the kids meal boxes they came in and several of the wrappers and cups.

    Actually, there were 8 toys. They aren’t showing the “Under 3” toy you could get by asking for it. It was a small yoda figure.

    Oh, the Star Wars Special Editions. I loved them so.


  2. Paxton, I completely forgot about the Yoda figurine! I have that on my desk in one of the back rooms…I totally blanked out where I got it from. :)

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