USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard


I like to consider myself to be “old school,” but even I’m not this old school.

This is a USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard. It’s a real typewriter that’s been converted to work as a computer keyboard. Each key you hit still moves. Click-Click-Click. When you hit Enter, the arm swings back over. Ding! Ca-chunk! Click-Click-Click …

This particular model sold for $700 on Etsy, but there are many more available, all for around the same price.

Click-Click-Click …

5 Responses to USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard

  1. mwentworth says:

    hmmm, yeah if the throw on those keys is as long as I remember, I don’t think I would be very efficient working on it. And, if I was going to spend $700 on a keyboard, I would up the ante to about $1,100 and get one of these steampunk “Warehouse 13″ inspired beauties:

  2. angela(toao) says:

    That is ALL kinds of awesome. I think I’ll stick to my IBM Model M though. ;)

  3. Badwolf says:

    Uber-cool. Would never buy one, but it is VERY cool.

  4. That is awesome. Typewriters are one of the more interesting retro devices.

    There is a video floating around where someone rigged a typewriter to play Zork on paper. It’s pretty cool.

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