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5 thoughts on “Joe Dante’s Explorers – Q And A At The New Beverly Theater

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great interview and a great Tube catch, Vic!
    These Q&A sessions are the best part of retrospective showings.
    There are a few here in town, when summer movie fests start up, but most of them have premieres and fresh-faced casts taking in enthusiastic crowds and reactions to their labors of love.

    Great experiences, but the ones with old flicks getting hindsights and insights from their creators are uniquely enjoyable for film buffs, such as ourselves.

    I’m curious about that Amazing Stories ep, now.
    Agreed that Joe Dante is a cut above the rest.

    I love his commentaries on Trailers From Hell.

  2. @Doug I agree, friend. This movie is fantastic…of course now I wish we could somehow see what Joe Dante originally had envisioned for the end of the movie…plus all of those characters he cut from the film in an attempt to work with what they had.

    @Atari Adventure Square I wish there were theaters in my neck of the woods that did stuff like this. I’d be there every chance I could get! Agreed about Joe’s Trailers From Hell series…just fantastic work and guests…you can tell everyone involved just loves cinema.

  3. Matt Stilwell says:

    This would be really cool if you could understand what Dante was saying. The audio is very garbled.

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