Pre-E.T. Reese’s Pieces Commercial

Before E.T. came to theaters, Reese’s Pieces were still trying to find their footing in a saturated market. As you will see in this late 1970s commercial they were drawing comparisons between themselves and the “other” candy with the candy coating without daring to speak their name. Even the “Imagine your surprise” theme is just playing off M&Ms and their mega-success. As a peanut butter fan, I was instantly sold on Reese’s Pieces, but when E.T. shows up and started eating them that sealed the deal and they became one of my top 10 candies.


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One thought on “Pre-E.T. Reese’s Pieces Commercial

  1. My understanding is M&M’s was the first choice of candy to be used in the movie ET, however they didn’t want to take a chance on the movie, so in came Reese’s Pieces. Just imagine if the M&M’s camp would have made a different decision… who knows if Reese’s Pieces would still be here today.

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