Unboxing: 1986 Sega Master System

During the early part of the 1980’s, I had seen the name Sega on a few video game cartridges for the ColecoVision. Sega meant “game-maker” to me. Then the Nintendo Entertainment System was released and I begged my mother for that system as a Christmas gift. Instead, she got me the Sega Master System. I thought to myself, “They make a console too?” So, that Christmas morning I hooked it up to my television and played a motorcycle game that came with the system: Hang On. WOW! I was convinced my mother made the right decision. Graphically, it was better than anything Nintendo had out at that moment. From that moment on, I tried to spread the good news about the Sega Master System.

I present the unboxing of the 1986 Sega Master System.