Magnavox DiscoVision Promo with Leonard Nimoy

DiscoVision was the original name of the “Reflective Optical Videodisc System” format later known as LaserVision or LaserDisc. MCA DiscoVision Inc. was a division of entertainment giant MCA, established in 1969 to develop and sell an optical videodisc system. MCA released discs under the DiscoVision brand from 1978 to 1982, including titles from Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount, Avco Embassy, WGBH Boston and Disney. Most of these companies later established their own labels for the format.

In 1981 they put together this wonderful promo with Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.

Promo Part 1

Promo Part 2


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3 thoughts on “Magnavox DiscoVision Promo with Leonard Nimoy

  1. Drahken says:

    I watched this on youtube a couple years ago, along with a similar one by mr wizard/don herbert. I found them interesting because I’ve never encountered a laserdisc player “in the wild”. The closest I’ve come to laserdiscs in real life is seeing some people buying some back in the early days of DVD. At that time, I thought laserdiscs were a new thing, something which had only come out perhaps a year prior & had that quickly been replaced by DVDs.

  2. mwentworth says:

    Just fantastic! A much better decision to hire Nimoy for this than RCA made for a spokesman for its Videodisc player, with a seemingly disinterested and out of his prime Gene Kelly.

  3. Remember laser disc’s from the early 90’s.

    A local video store in Peoria, IL rented them – had a large selection.

    Were a pain to store because you needed to keep them upright so they did not warp.

    Video and sound were much better then video tape, but not able to record onto them….

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