Learn European Countries & Capitals with Atari

Need to brush up on European geography? No need to worry. Atari has you covered. Published in 1980, European Countries & Capitals was an educational tool designed to teach the user about European geography.

The game utilized the Atari 8-bit Cassette Data Recorder which was unique because, “…Dual Track systems and could load data while also playing audio/music tracks simultaneously. This meant that while another section of a program was loading, the recorder could give the player instructions, information or play a soundtrack to entertain the player time while the program loaded.” – Atari Museum

Watch, learn, and be amazed.

Images [via] Atari Mania

2 thoughts on “Learn European Countries & Capitals with Atari

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I had no idea that music could play while the data was loading. That’s pretty neat.

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