Nirvana Interviewed for British TV (1991)

This shortish interview and clip show from the early 1990s with the seminal “grunge” band Nirvana, is about what you would expect to hear from the Kurt and company. Their music scene came in like a today tidal wave and seemed to disappear more quickly than devotees expected. Where you a fan? Did you do the whole grunge thing in the 1990s?


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One thought on “Nirvana Interviewed for British TV (1991)

  1. I’ve always loved music, so yes, I was part of the grunge scene. I had my share of flanel shirts and Service Station Shirts with other peoples name on it. I loved most of the Grunge bands, from the popular ones to the little known ones. I’d always be looking for new CDs to purchase. Half of these bands had no talent, but a few if them did. Nirvana was one of those pioneer bands that actually did have talent. It was a fun time, and I’m sure it will come around again just like everything else. I’ve still got a few shirts in my closet, just incase my kids want them. Wow, that made me feel old.

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