Where’s the Beef Jigsaw Puzzle

Recently while outside grilling burgers for the family, I opened up en empty hamburger bun and loudly asked, “Where’s the beef?” Neither of my kids had any idea what I was referencing, but my daughter did offer up this friendly advice: “There’s no meat in that one yet, Daddy!” Sadly, both of my kids are too young to remember these commercials from Wendy’s.

Not too long ago while out thrifting, I ran across this jigsaw puzzle. I began working it with the kids but they quickly grew tired of me asking, “Where’s the piece?” every few seconds.

Next time, I’m going to keep the puzzles (and the burgers) to myself!

Rob O'Hara

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One thought on “Where’s the Beef Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. Drahken says:

    It’s ironic. Wendy’s shrank their burgers recently (the “single”, which used to protrude from the bun is now completely covered by the bun & is the exact same size as the 99 cent burgers, despite still costing twice as much), so now this commercial applies to them as much as it once did to their competitors.

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