Yellow Lego Castle

One of my favorite Lego sets as a kid was “375/6075 Castle,” commonly referred to as “the Yellow Castle.”

The Yellow Castle was originally released in 1978 and re-released in 1981, which is around the time I got mine. Along with 779 (mostly yellow) bricks, the Yellow Castle also came with 14 figures — enough to recreate almost any medieval castle siege scenario you could dream up. And, since there were so many pieces, it was simple to build a castle of your own design as well.

If you’re thinking to yourself that it looks like this castle took a while to build … it did, especially for an 8-year-old.

This kit was on the market through 1983, but beginning in 1984 Lego switched to using grey blocks for its castles. That leaves “Yellow Castle” as being the only … well, yellow castle. You could always tell if a kid owned the Yellow Castle kit based on how many yellow bricks he had in his Lego bucket. I can tell you that for years most of the spaceships, cars, and houses I built out of Lego had some yellow in them.

If you would like to browse through the entire manual, you can see it online here. Also check out YellowCastle.com and Classic-Castle.com for more information about this kit.

The original Yellow Castle sold for around $50, and if you think that’s expensive, don’t go looking for one on eBay. The only one listed there right now is going for $300+ (although you can buy the empty boxes for around $20).