This Nightmare Computer Hates Marijuana


Thank you again, Everything is Terrible, for exposing me to a new set of imagery that will haunt my nights for years to come. This time, they found a marijuana hating supercomputer that is somehow inside me and all around me and requires that I “find them”. By them of course, it is referring to all the victims who have succumbed to its not so subtle attempts to destroy minds with mixed imagery and an unclear message about the use of drugs.

“I’m here, find me”

I'm Inside You

I'm Inside You

[via] io9

2 Responses to This Nightmare Computer Hates Marijuana

  1. Ah yes. Another in a long and storied line of “anti-drug” material that likely convinced more to experiment than to abstain.

  2. VicSage says:

    Um…was that Richard Kiley as the computer icon of nightmares and despair?

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